Table 4. Facilities Checklist

for Facilities, Equipment, and Supply Standard 1 (FES1)

Facility Name

Accessible to students in the program the same way it is accessible to students outside the program?


Does this facility require all students to have a university issued Identification card (ID)?

1: Accesses facility using their own ID card,

2: Uses facilities through a peer mentor,

3: Uses faculty or staff access,

4: N/A- No ID card is required for accessing these facilities.

Do students in the program have limited access?

If so, how? This means that the student in the program has their own access and does not have to access these facilities with peer mentors.

Athletic Center(s)


Computer Lab(s)


Dining Hall(s)



Health Center

Interfaith Chapel


Recreational Facilities

Student Union



Kitchen or Common Areas in Residence Halls

Laundry Facilities

Instructional Technology (IT) computer support

Rental Books

Campus Transportation

Speech Clinic (or other related service clinics)

Counseling Services

Disability Support Services (or Accessibility Resources)

Campus Police and Safety

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