Phase 1: Pre-accreditation Activities (Steps 1–3)

If your program meets all the eligibility requirements outlined in Section 1, we recommend the following three steps as optional, preparatory activities that may increase a program’s chances to be successful in its accreditation pursuit.

Step 1. Use the Pre-Accreditation Tools and Becoming Accreditation Ready online course

The Think College National Coordinating Center developed several tools, including an online course that provides programs with in-depth information about the standards and helps programs prepare for the accreditation process.

Step 2. Attend a Pre-Accreditation Workshop

The IHEAC offers virtual and in-person workshops periodically throughout the year, so program directors may connect with others who are interested in program accreditation and learn more about the process.

Step 3. Conduct a Pre-Accreditation Self-Assessment

Programs determine their readiness to pursue accreditation by conducting a pre-accreditation self-assessment. Programs should consider their readiness for accreditation by reviewing status relative to each standard area and requirements for evidence (i.e., existing program data, program policy manuals, and processes).

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