Engaging Faith Communities

Faith communities can be an important source of connection for people with and without disabilities.

In his presentation From Barriers to Belonging, Dr. Erik Carter describes how church communities can more actively welcome and support people with disabilities.

Putting Faith to Work: The Call and Opportunity for Faith Communities to Transform the Lives of People with Disabilities and their Communities. The purpose of this paper is to outline the vision and foundations of the “Putting Faith to Work” project. "We begin by exploring some of the religious, theological, and spiritual understandings of the importance of work (the “whys”) and then provide more detail about how faith communities might put that vision into practice (the “hows”). This paper (and, eventually a good-practice guide) is not meant to be a rulebook but rather a set of considerations, recommended practices, and creative possibilities. We anticipate and count on the congregations that pilot this project to learn from and be inspired by each other.”

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